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Stefano Vulcan moved here in the right moment, in he right place. He is a UIAGM Mountain guide original from Trento, that is looking for new spaced to develop his profession, and probably he found them here! He has made a specialization class in Canyoning, but he is also a excellent sport and multipitch climber. What he loves more, in general, is adventure and exploration. And here all this possibilities live together!  He is an enthusiastic, fully in love for what he does and the places he lives in. You'll have a great time with Stefano!

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First of all Matteo is an old friend. He also is UIAMGM Mountain Guide and Guide instructor, and with Riky, he is member of the Lecco Spiders (Ragni di Lecco) one of the oldest and most important alpinist groups in the world. His one and only love is climbing, where Matteo dedicated his last 10 years not only in teaching, but also getting all the classes of sport dynamics, Caruso Method, and biomechanics in general to get all the acknowledgements to be one of the best teachers out there.

Matteo is responsible for tha multi day program and is the co-founder with Riky Felderer in this project. 


Riky is the man behind the scenes. This is his idea. He has been a decent alpinist, a good professional photographer, and for an unknown reason he has been accepted in the Lecco Spiders group (Ragni di Lecco). After an indecent proposal, he was forced to move to Sardinia in 2016, where he started managing the famous Lemon House, the popular outdoor oriented Bed and Breakfast in Ogliastra. With his new friends he started to know and develop the territory, bolting new routes, taking care of trails and so on. Many people were asking him to be guided, but unfortunately Riky does not have the legal permission to do this. You need to be a UIAGM Mountain Guide (no other "guides" have insurance). For this reason he started thinking to a solution... and here we are. We are based at the Lemon House



Francesco is the one and only. He is the most recognized Kayak Guide in Sardinia, and for us (here and at The Lemon House) is more than a friend: he is an icon! He also is a really bad climber, and he loves practicing with us in the wintertime, helping in developing new crags, bolting ad doing hard works! During the high season (April to October) is vitally important to book in advance, otherwise you'll find him fully booked


We are open to new guides who would like to join the team. feel free to contact us!