Punta Salinas and Goloritzé

Simple and perfect

A perfect introduction to the beauties of Ogliastra

If you know where to go, it's a very nice hike in an unspoiled area with breathtaking landscapes! A tour where you have a bit of land, forests, the sight from punta Salinas on the Orosei gulf and Punta Caroddi (better known as Golritzé Pillar, that is also the logo of our company!) and a descent to the sea where, in the right season, you can have a swim.

Expected time 5-6 hours, technical difficulty EE

Fee per person 50 euros

You only need good boots and in case a swimsuit

Some people had a swim also in January!

Our territory

something precious

The reason why

Before everything, a little intro. Some of us moved here. And there is a reason why! There are some perfect paradises, but this one makes sense not only for the beauty, but even for the lifestyle. We like to climb, to hike, to explore. We love unspoiled areas, where you can feel a little bit the fear of being the really first one to do something! And the geography is so particular and somehow complicated that you leave civilization (or just the right path) within few meters. And on this particular hike is where we bring also our close friends to show them this atmosphere and the beauty of the place we've chosen to settle down!