Bacu Padente

Air, earth, darkness and surprise

This is our "classic" dry canyon, although it should already be considered a pretty "hard classic". But it is too beautiful not to share it with other people. It's a relatively short loop, with 6 abseils into this system of ridges and gorges, with a breathtaking view on the Orosei Gulf and amazing passages through small caves. It ends just above the sea, and the coming back is still adventurous! You won't be disappointed!

Important notice: this canyon is only for people who have had previous experiences with rope access, and are not scared! It is fully safe, but steep!

Average time for the loop is 5 hours, depending on how many participants.

Technical gear is provided by OOP.

A swimsuit in the backpack is highly recommended.

Find HERE the technical review, cost and schedules. 

Monte Arista

Afternoon Session

The hike and abseil tour of Monte Arista is perfect or the afternoons. In the shade, with an amazing landscape of Ogliastra seen from south it offers great emotions and also a little bit of Sardinian history, so far it passes through some "Domus de Janas" that are worth paying a visit. The approach is a mixed of hiking and easy climbing, the abseils are magnificent  and easy, and follow the ridge of a beautiful granite pillar.

Minimum 4 persons

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