Bacu Padente is a classic local canyon. And it's simply fantastic, although it's not that easy! But having steep abseils, caves, climbing and swimming in cobalt sea is something unique, I'd say. Being ready to face vertical walls and steep terrain is vitally important. We take care of the gear. To ensure that everybody will be happy, we'll have a small abseil class every Thursday evening.

Technical difficulties  v3 / a1 / II

Every Friday

 Fee per person: 90 euros

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The Goloritzé pillar should be on the to-do-list of every climber that visits Sardinia! It is vertical and demanding, and none of the routes that head to the top is easy, and not everybody will be able to summit it! But if you are looking for the same style, that mean amazing landscape and verticality above the sea, there are other possibilities, like Marinaio di Foresta, a way easier one on Pedra Longa.
We provide all the gear but the climbing shoes.

Max 2 people

Total fee 300 Euros

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This class is dedicated to people who want to experience climbing in full safety, starting from the basics to the real climbing progression and technique, for 6 sessions, with the overview of a professional guide that will start you from absolute beginner to (hopefully) climbing enthusiast!

6 Half Days (3 times Sat-Sun)

Partecipation fee 150 euros

The fee includes all the gear but climbing shoes

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Ogliastra is one of the trekking paradises. Nature is unspoiled, colors are bright and the mix of white limestone, green oaks and deep blue sea is something remarkable! Just google it! So trekking here is obvious. One of our favorites is a loop that starts from the Golgo plateau and takes you to the sea passing through Punta Salinas, a really unique place, with one of the views that really make us fall in love with this place! It's a 4-5 hours hike, you can have a swim in the sea, if the temperature allows it! 

No gear is required but a good pair of boots!

Fee: 40 Euros each

minimum 5 people

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For groups of 7-8 persons, we offer an all inclusive week with hiking, free climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. Prices are really interesting, and the full package includes "guided" tour to wine producer (where you have to drink), typical Sardinian dinner and more.


Selvaggio Blu is neither a trail nor a hike, because it's a dream to follow the beauty of his creators, Mario Verin and Peppino Cicalò. Those two guys, almost 20 years ago, had the vision that they could be able to connect Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Sisine (the part that goes from Sisine to Gonone already was existing). And patiently, looking for old coal men trails and shepard ones, and connecting them together, sometimes with some abseils... they found the solution to connect the coastline with a unique adventure, called after the color of the sea "selvaggio blu". You'll find several offers online. Our one is made by UIAGM guides and in general pretty tough, you need good walking skills to take part of the program. We don't like a group to be too different in skills, and moreover, we don't want people not to finish what they have paid for. Our proposals are for groups of 4 minimum, the first one is already sold out. Check for the following. Or wait till we publish the fall ones.

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